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German LNG Terminal

In spring 2022, the German government decided to implement two key projects for energy security and the energy turnaround – one in Wilhelmshaven and ours in Brunsbüttel in close cooperation with the Dutch state-owned energy grid operator Gasunie and with the involvement of RWE.

By the end of 2026, we will have built a terminal for the continuous and future-oriented import of energy. Initially, it will enable the reliable import of conventional natural gas in liquid form (LNG), then successively process “green” natural gas, and finally enable the import of the then contemporary form of energy, probably hydrogen derivatives.

We – the German LNG Terminal GmbH – are a team of 25 to 30 specialists organizing the careful, fast and future-oriented implementation of this project.

Find out more about the LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel on this website – what exactly is planned, how things are connected and where we stand. Because the contribution that this terminal will make to the energy supply directly after completion and beyond is not abstract, but very concrete: We are talking about the energy supply of one’s own home, hospital, retirement home or daycare center, as well as the connection of industry.