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A broad range of experts from business, industry, politics and administration, including sceptics of the path, met once again for an intensive exchange on energy security and energy transition in Schleswig-Holstein at the 3rd Infrastructure Forum on the West Coast. “Energieküste (Energy Coast)” is the keyword – not only for this discussion forum, but for all the bundled ideas and projects. So, we were not only present, but right where we belong! Thank you for excellent discussions!

11 October 2022

German LNG Terminal achieves key milestones in the development of the Brunsbüttel LNG import terminal

11 October 2022

Expression of interest procedure for additional 1.8 bcma terminal capacity

22 July 2022

Please register: Expression of interest procedure

German LNG Terminal welcomes further planning for temporary and future-proof LNG terminal facilities

5 May 2022

German LNG Terminal and Shell sign Memorandum of Understanding on the import of LNG through the planned terminal in Brunsbüttel

23 March 2022

German LNG Terminal in implementation phase with new shareholder structure / “Moving ahead at full speed”

5 March 2022


German LNG Terminal under the new management of Philipp Kroepels and Dr. Michael Kleemiß in the approval procedure phase and further implementation planning / Managing Director Rolf Brouwer returns to Vopak NV after successfully building up the company

3 September 2021

Hamburg University of Technology conducts research into the prospect of using the planned terminal infrastructure to supply energy to northern Germany

26 August 2021

“Develop Brunsbüttel, with its excellent conditions, into a hydrogen supply hub for northern Germany”

15 July 2021

German LNG Terminal to submit application for planning permission by 30 June 2021 / Another important milestone for the overall project and for the development of import infrastructure for increasing volumes of climate-neutral energy sources

24 June 2021

EU Commission approves exemption decision for German LNG Terminal GmbH

4 June 2021


Exemption decision for German LNG Terminal GmbH

14 December 2020

The DGB Nord, German Trade Union Confederation North and the IG BCE, the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries Union welcome plans for Germany’s first LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel and demand further expansion of renewable energies

21 October 2020

German LNG Terminal shortlists Spanish-German Partnership to complete EPC tender process

25 June 2020

German LNG Terminal and RWE to explore Hydrogen opportunities via Brunsbüttel

18 June 2020

We are creating an important addition to the port industry

10 June 2020

IHK Schleswig-Holstein welcomes the plans for Germany’s first LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel

8 April 2020

Brunsbüttel is the perfect site for LNG

24 March 2020


Expression of interest procedure has started

29th October 2019

German LNG completes EPC contractor prequalification process

30th September 2019

Axpo und German LNG Terminal sign capacity agreement

6th May 2019

German LNG Terminal signs another commercial agreement: Market continues to show strong demand

12th February 2019

German LNG Terminal starts EPC prequalification process

19th June 2019


RWE and German LNG Terminal sign capacity contract for Germany’s first LNG terminal

6th September 2018

Market responds positively to first German LNG import terminal

3rd May 2018

German LNG Terminal launches Open Season

January 17, 2018