The path to Green Retrofitting and beyond

In spring 2022, the German government decided to implement two major projects for energy security and the energy transition – one in Wilhelmshaven and ours in Brunsbüttel together with the Dutch state infrastructure company Gasunie and RWE.

A central component of the entire project is to consistently think about both sides of the project – energy security and energy transition from the very beginning. This is essential from both an entrepreneurial and an (environmental) political perspective.

In Brunsbüttel, therefore, a land-based terminal for importing energy will be built, which in a first step will enable the reliable import of conventional natural gas in liquid form (LNG), increasingly then “green” LNG, and subsequently the then contemporary forms of energy, probably “green” hydrogen derivatives.

Our shareholders have with us the clear goal of developing the terminal in such a way that it can be used as sustainably as possible at all times. For this reason, the future conversion of the terminal for a later import of green hydrogen or green hydrogen derivatives (“green energy carriers”) as well as for their storage and onward transport must be consistently considered from the very beginning.

On the following page key points on the way to an environmentally friendly energy infrastructure in Brunsbüttel and areas of opportunity that arise beyond this will subsequently described.