The future viability

Shaping the future … LNG goes green

From day one of its commissioning, the terminal can and will contribute to the necessary climate-neutral energy supply. LNG can already become “green” now, but to a larger extent in the future, by being produced on a biogenic or synthetic basis. The terminal will be ready for this use as it comes on stream.

Liquid and gaseous energy carriers will be produced on a renewable and/or biogenic basis – for example, bio-LNG or synthetic LNG. These variants will then represent an important pillar in the energy and mobility transition. Many stakeholders assume that a large part of these climate-friendly energy sources will nevertheless have to be imported. The reason they give is that production sites for renewable energy are located in wind- and sun-rich regions outside Europe.

Thus, the fossil share will increasingly be replaced by organic or synthetic LNG, probably initially in the form of blends.

The terminal as a partner for the energy and mobility revolution

As a further, extremely important component of the entire project, we are already thinking intensively about the future import of hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives in the detailed planning of our terminal project. All those involved have a great interest in ensuring that the project remains viable at all times. We are therefore continuously examining which technology can be used, how and when.

In the long term, an import infrastructure such as the terminal in Brunsbüttel remains indispensable. Our project will therefore make its contribution to the successful further development of Schleswig-Holstein as an energy-producing state.