Terminal Location

German LNG Terminal plans to build a combined import and distribution terminal in Brunsbuettel. The project site is located in Brunsbuettel on the river Elbe, on a 31ha plot of land, near the entrance to the Kiel Canal, in the immediate vicinity of the ChemCoast Park, Schleswig-Holstein’s largest continuous industrial zone. Thus, Brunsbuettel offers ideal conditions for the location of an LNG terminal.

Mainly energy-intensive companies are based in the ChemCoast Park – a major locational advantage for the terminal. On the one hand, these companies are – given their high energy needs – potential customers of LNG or regasified natural gas. On the other hand, they could supply the terminal with industrial (waste) heat required for regasification in the LNG vaporiser system using hot water. In addition, the water used to heat the LNG remains clean and can then be used as cooling water in the neighbouring industrial area.

Further, from Brunsbuettel ships can reach the port of Hamburg in approx. three hours to supply LNG to the industry there as well as to incoming container and cruise ships. Cuxhaven, Bremen/Bremerhaven and other ports can also be reached easily. The nearby Kiel Canal offers the possibility to distribute LNG from Brunsbuettel to Scandinavia and the Baltic States by smaller vessels.