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Expected Terminal Characteristics

LNG import & distribution terminal:

Throughput: Up To 8 Bcm/a

throughput: up to 8 bcm/a

Storage Capacity: Two Tanks With 240 000 Cbm AV

storage capacity: two tanks with 240 000 cbm AV

Two Jetties: „Qmax“ + LNG Bunker Barges

two Jetties: „Qmax“ + LNG bunker barges

Unloading Rate: Approx. 14 000 Cbm/hr, Loading Rate: 2 500 Cbm/hr

unloading rate: approx. 14 000 cbm/hr, loading rate: 2 500 cbm/hr

Regasification Facility

regasification facility

Distribution Facilities (truck, Rail Car, LNG Bunker Barges)

distribution facilities (truck, rail car, LNG bunker barges)

Connection To The Grid

connection to the grid